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Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, because addiction is a chronic disease. Many times people go to rehab with the impression that they will be "cured" by the time they leave. Sometimes this is because they think only of the dependency and not the underlying reasons for the addiction. Drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic diseases with many underlying factors contributing to the disease symptoms and progression.

Some people have an underlying disorder such as depression or obsessive compulsive disorder, only they never had it diagnosed or treated. They simply self-medicated the symptoms away with drugs or alcohol until they created an entirely new disorder or disease for themselves that, unlike their previous condition, could not be ignored. Other times individuals are in a fight against their own genetics.

Whichever the reason for the addiction, it is important to recognize that addiction is not a "problem;" it is a disease. Diseases need to be treated. For more information, contact Lexington Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531.

Why You Should Seek Professional Treatment

Addiction recovery is a lifelong disease management process. You discover how to live with a chronic condition that can flare up at any time.

Finding which addiction recovery treatment program for addiction recovery is best for you is a process, as well. You may find that what works in the beginning of the cycle to prevent thoughts and cravings does not work as well when you are approaching the end of your inpatient portion.

The best addiction recovery centers have various therapeutic options. Some offer holistic therapies with mixed modality, offering yoga alongside trauma resolution therapy. Truly, how you find your path in recovery is a makeup of the addiction recovery center you've selected and who you are as a person.

Addiction Recovery: How to Find Your Path

Everyone is different. This is a truism. Everyone's addiction and recovery is different. When you are being treated at Lexington Drug Treatment Centers, you are there under a drug rehab program tailored for your own personal addiction recovery story. For example, someone who came to the program because they had a sports injury and got addicted to Oxycodone will have a much different addiction rehab treatment plan than someone who has bipolar disorder and is self-medicating it away with alcohol and Adderall.

They do an evaluation with everyone who walks through the door to assess where they are in their addiction, their history, underlying disorders, and the environment they came from and will eventually go back to. They have a multi-modal addiction recovery program that has both individual and peer programs. It has been noted that having both types of therapies is more effective than group alone.

Planning for the Long Run

As we've stated before addiction is a chronic disease, something you will have for the rest of your life. How you position yourself now will play a huge part in where you end up:

  • Accepting and acknowledging that addiction recovery is not something that can be taken lightly or for granted will help you make the right decision in regards to how and where you choose to seek treatment.
  • You want to be successful. Successful sobriety means the difference between healthy interpersonal relationships and a tempestuous and painful one; it's the difference between a career on an unstoppable rise and one that stumbles.
  • Individuals work through their addiction in a group setting under the supervision of a licensed therapist alongside peers battling a similar addiction.
  • Finding the right team to support you, both in and out of rehab is invaluable. Having people that want to see you succeed, that don't want to pull you back down is a life or death difference sometimes.
  • Call and ask questions. Get a feel for what you may encounter, understand the methodology, but do something for yourself today. Make a choice to leave that life behind. Make a choice to look towards a healthy, positive future.

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