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Lexington, KY Drug and Alcohol Medical Detoxification Center: Where to Go When You Need to Heal

Medical detoxification, or medical detox, is the process where your body has been deprived of the substance it has grown to be chemically dependent upon and begins the process of creating its own natural chemicals. For many this can be quite uncomfortable, even painful. Depending upon the drug, the symptoms of withdrawal can be as mild as headaches, irritability, and slight nausea to high fevers, vomiting, muscle cramping, and even seizures.

For some, long term dependency requires medical intervention as the body will react violently to the cessation of use. At Lexington, KY medical detox clinic, they have a professional staff of doctors, nurses, and trauma technicians available for patients so that they are not only comfortable and secure during the withdrawal process, but also under the watch and safe care of physicians trained in the warning signs of physical distress.

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What is Dependency?

The brain has its own version of most of the drugs taken to relieve pain or produce pleasure. Dependency is when the body has become so acclimated to the chemicals within the drugs that are being ingested that it ceases to make its own version of the chemicals and relies upon the drugs for the brain to feel good. When those drugs are suddenly denied to the brain, the body doesn't know what to do and it rebels so that it can once more receive the chemicals.

The Process of Drug Medical Detoxification

Medical detox is different for every individual and every drug "type". There are different types of drugs and each type has its own "grip" on the individual. Drugs like cocaine have a strong psychological dependency associated with them, but are without the physical/chemical dependencies of drugs of the opiate family or even alcohol.

People who enter drug abuse rehabilitation for cocaine addiction will have a different treatment modal associated with their medical detox program than would someone being brought in for heroin addiction or an addiction to benzodiazepines. When people check into rehab for a medical detox, oftentimes they come to us with more than one dependency.

There are people who have been self-medicating for so long that they have addictions to both uppers and downers. It is not out of the ordinary for people to come to us with an addiction to both opiates and cocaine. It is important to seek professional medical detox in spite of what drug you have been using in order to prevent permanent health complications or fatal damage to your vital organs.

How Professional Treatment Helps

Addiction rehab centers work with individuals who have dual dependencies or individual dependencies. The staff is highly trained and experienced in detoxification and medical intervention therapies. When you arrive they try to ascertain the nature of the addiction and the duration so that they can make your withdrawal from these harmful chemicals as safe, painless and comfortable as possible.

Some patients with long-term dependencies on drugs will often require some pharmacological intervention or assistance to get the rest their bodies require to heal from the trauma of drug addiction. Your medical provider will perform a complete diagnostic to better understand your individual situation and make a determination that will be in the best interest of your safety and recovery.

Getting Rehab Help

If you're reading this because you or someone you care about is currently dependent upon a drug or alcohol and are unsure if you can withdraw safely at home, or if you're afraid of what can or could happen, give Lexington Drug Treatment Centers, a call someone on staff can counsel you about your medical detox options and talk to you about the numerous treatment programs available and what benefit they can be to you.

Before you try something at home that could be dangerous, at least reach out to someone that is experienced in the physiology of medical detox, addiction, and dependency. Call Lexington Drug Treatment Centers now at (877) 804-1531.

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