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These are the 2 Types of Drug Addiction

There are 2 types of drug addiction to become familiar with...   If a great many people experience rehab as a revolving door of addiction treatment and relapse, often, the reason is that they do not truly grasp that there are two types of addiction. Addiction appears in both forms in most peo... Read More

Addiction to Percocet: 5 Things You Need to Know

Let's take a look at the effects and dangers of addiction to Percocet...   If you're struggling with addiction to Percocet, you're not alone. It is estimated that 2 million Americans over the age of 12 are recreational users of prescription opioid painkillers. Lexington Drug Treat... Read More

Top 7 Most Addictive Pills

Learn about the most addictive pills and signs of use...   There are many prescription medications that can be highly addictive. However, there are some that are more likely to result in dependency. Most addictive pills have legitimate medical uses and are prescribed under a doctor's supe... Read More

Quitting Cocaine: How can Rehab Help

Are you thinking about finally quitting cocaine? Lexington Rehab can help!...   You already know that cocaine is one of the most powerful drugs you can find, and that it can have lethal consequences. So, if you are thinking about quitting cocaine abuse once and for all, you need the best trea... Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be deadly if mishandled or untreated, why you should never quit alone...   Alcohol withdrawal symptoms is the name given to the sequence of manifestations - or reactions - your body experiences when alcohol is removed from your system. Depending on your overall... Read More

Treating Comorbid Mental Illnesses at Lexington Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Understanding the importance of a dual diagnosis in drug abuse therapy at Lexington dual diagnosis treatment centers...   For the individual who is addicted and those who love the addicted person, the question is often, "Why? Why is this happening?" How has this addiction developed ... Read More

Local Rehab Facilities Lexington

Finding the Best Local Rehab Facilities Lexington for You or Your Loved One...   When people make the brave decision to to get started with treatment for a drug or alcohol use problem, making the decision on where to go for treatment can be a task. Often times people get frustrated with findi... Read More

Lexington Opiate Drug Rehab

As many as 36 million people worldwide abuse opiates. In the U.S., the number of people addicted to opiates is increasing in many parts of the country. Lexington opiate drug rehab centers, however, can help sufferers who are addicted to drugs like morphine, heroin, or prescription pain killers made ... Read More

Lexington Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse...   The specific signs of prescription drug abuse depend on the drug being taken, but signs common to all drugs include cravings and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms if the drug use stops. As addiction develops obtaining the drug becomes increasingly imp... Read More

Lexington Synthetic Marijuana Treatment

Lexington synthetic marijuana treatment centers are dedicated to thoroughly combating the synthetic marijuana epidemic. Synthetic marijuana is a very dangerous drug, all the more so because the formula used to make it can change radically from batch to batch. In fact, synthetic marijuana is one of t... Read More

Lexington OCD and Addiction Treatment

OCD and Addiction Treatment in Lexington...   In a national survey conducted in 2012, approximately 8.4 million American adults suffered from addiction and a mental health issue such as OCD. This number of people are those who are aware of their co-existing addiction and mental health disorde... Read More

Alcohol a Factor in Lexington Crash

Police in Lexington say alcohol was a factor in a crash...   Alcohol and driving make for a dangerous combination. Police in Lexington say alcohol was a factor in a crash near the Madison County line Aug. 9. Police say a man crashed his car into a rock wall and had to be cut out of it by fire... Read More

Three ways to Avoid a Relapse Lexington KY

Three ways to Avoid a Relapse Lexington KY (877) 804-1531...   Once in recovery from addiction, preventing relapse is another battle drug and alcohol addicts face. Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Centers, supply recovery tools and programs for support to prevent relapse of patients. ... Read More

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