Lexington Synthetic Marijuana Treatment

Lexington synthetic marijuana treatment centers are dedicated to thoroughly combating the synthetic marijuana epidemic. Synthetic marijuana is a very dangerous drug, all the more so because the formula used to make it can change radically from batch to batch. In fact, synthetic marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs on the street today, and it is important for parents, loved ones and others to watch out for the early warning signs of use and addiction.

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What Makes This Type of Drug So Dangerous?

The marijuana may be synthetic, and that is one of the things that makes it so dangerous and potentially addictive. Chemists create this powerful drug in far off labs, often located overseas. They use a number of chemicals to create the drug, many of them with known harmful side effects. Perhaps worst of all, the makers of these synthetic drugs change the formula often to stay one step ahead of the law.

Even if you only suspect that someone you know has been experimenting with this type of drug, it is important to get them treatment for marijuana addiction as soon as possible. Addiction to marijuana, whether synthetic or the real thing, is a serious matter, and it requires a commitment on the part of the addict, their family and their loved ones. The sooner you get help for the person you care about the easier it will be to overcome this dangerous addiction.

Synthetic Marijuana vs. the Real Thing

It is easy to confuse synthetic marijuana from the real thing, but the two classes of drugs are very different. One of the most significant differences is that of legality. While real marijuana remains illegal in most of the states and on the Federal level, the laws surrounding the synthetic version is more complicated.

While many states have outlawed the most common chemicals used to create the synthetic version of the drug, the makers keep changing the formulation. That often allows the drug to skate under the radar, and even allows it to be sold in convenience stores and other unlikely places.

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