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The staff at Lexington Drug Treatment Centers does a lot of public health education on the nature of drug addiction rehab and dependency. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about not only addiction but the recovery process. Many times an addict will hesitate before making that call that can save his or her life because of some fear they may have about the withdrawal process or concerns about the length of time it may take to be well enough to leave drug rehab.

Fears should not be allowed to take root in such a way that you can't make a good decision about your future health. Addiction is a disease and it requires drug rehab treatment from certified medical professionals. If you have fears, if you have hesitations, if you have concerns about the nature of your disease, call us today. They'll be glad to answer any concerns you may have about Lexington Drug Treatment Centers or even the recovery process itself

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, call today and talk to someone at various Lexington Drug Treatment Centers. They can allay your fears and answer any of your questions about addiction rehab or provide a phone assessment for potential admission to the facility (877) 804-1531.

Top Myths about Drug Rehab Centers

MYTH: Once you've checked in you cannot leave.

This is absolutely not true. Unless there is a specific court order involved with someone's stay, rehab facilities operate on an entirely voluntary basis. You may leave whenever you wish. We recommend that you stay the term to receive the full benefit of treatment and to minimize the chances for a relapse, but we certainly do not want to operate a place of healing like a prison.

MYTH: No one can be forced into drug rehab centers, they must go willingly or it won't work.

If your loved one is chemically dependent upon an opiate, for example, he or she probably will not want to enter rehab for fear of withdrawal. The drug he or she is on is very powerful and affects their ability to reason. Many times, once the body has been medically detoxified they are able to see the truth behind what needs to happen for their life to be once again full and rich. They've found that most of the patients who are brought in through intervention do find their own reasons for staying after they have been able to withdraw from the drug.

MYTH: Drug rehab centers cure you of addiction.

Addiction is categorized as a chronic illness or disease. There is no chronic disease that just "goes away". People's symptoms may go into a remission—or in the case of addiction "recovery", but they always have the potential for the disease within them. What drug rehab will do is help you to lose your chemical dependency for drugs or alcohol and to equip you with all the tools you will need to keep yourself on the sobriety track.

MYTH: Rehabs are into New Age type stuff.

Hearing this concern quite often, most likely due to the use of words like "holistic" to describe the treatment therapies. Holistic treatment, just assumes that the entire body needs to be treated—not just the symptoms. Yes, there are therapies in use such as yoga, or meditation, but that does not mean that your stay at the facility is wholly alternative. This is first and foremost an addiction rehab medical program. Drug treatment therapies are tailored to the individual. Someone who would not respond well to yoga will not be forced to participate.

MYTH: All rehabs are the same.

All addiction rehab centers are not the same. Some addiction rehab centers require that you have already undergone chemical withdrawal from drugs before attending, while others are comprehensive. There are gender-specific rehabs, those affiliated with a particular religion, and facilities that endorse a particular methodology and others that are age-specific.

What you really need to understand is that recovery is a process, and that process will happen more quickly and easily with help. Medical professionals know how to assist you with withdrawal to make it less uncomfortable and have you better prepared to begin your recovery experience than if you were to attempt cold turkey alone. Many people feel they deserve punishment and for that reason suffer without help.

The fact is that addiction is a disease, not a sin. You deserve to have medical assistance and therapeutic guidance so that you can make the recovery process life-long. Call Lexington Drug Treatment Centers today at (877) 804-1531.

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