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For many, sobriety can feel like a mirage or some far off vision that eludes them. Addiction is a disease of both physical and mental attributes, making it more difficult to reduce the symptoms without a full and comprehensive treatment plan. Like most chronic diseases, alcoholism and drug addiction stay with you your entire life, therefore it is important to have the proper tools in your arsenal to recovery from this deadly illnesses.

If you're struggling with sobriety—maybe you've tried and failed to quit cold turkey, understand that what you attempted to do by yourself is the equivalent of a diabetic attempting to treat their condition without a doctor.

At Lexington Drug Treatment Centers, they understand alcoholism and drug addiction and are here to answer any questions you may have about how to alleviate the symptoms and effects of this disease upon your life and if warranted, provide potentially life saving drug and alcohol treatment with one of numerous programs.

There is no better time like the present to begin drug treatment for this disease. By reaching out for help at Lexington Drug Treatment Centers you will not only be able to live a life free of alcohol and/or drugs, but also potentially save your own life! Call (877) 804-1531 to get drug and alcohol treatment today.

Addiction is a Disease

Addiction is, by all medical classifications, a disease, and diseases don't just go away on their own. Seeking medical support and intervention will help you to not only withdraw from drugs and alcohol safely, but better prepare you for all of the changes mentally and physically you will go through. Doctors can work with you to develop a treatment and recovery plan that will last.

It is also critical to note that alcohol withdrawal runs the risk in long-term users of what is known as: delirium tremens, or "DTs". Delirium tremens are a potentially deadly symptom of alcohol detoxification; the body simply does not know how to live without the drug and can violently react with seizures, respiratory failure and even death. Withdrawing from alcohol can be dangerous and therefore having the opportunity of immediate medical intervention can mean the difference between ultimate alcohol sobriety and death.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you're considering drug and alcohol treatment options now, you have probably also looked into alcohol treatment options previously. Most alcoholics and drug addicts will deliberate for months, even years before making a decision to quit. Many feel ashamed that it took so long to do something about the disease, and others tried and failed in the past to commit to sobriety and just do not have any faith that they can succeed.

Do not allow these feelings to take root, because that is all they are: feelings. The truth is that many people far worse have battled addiction and won for themselves a lifelong sobriety. At Lexington Drug Treatment Centers can help alcoholics and drug addicts in Lexington, KY break the cycle and enter drug and alcohol treatment.

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