Three ways to Avoid a Relapse Lexington KY

Three ways to Avoid a Relapse Lexington KY (877) 804-1531

Once in recovery from addiction, preventing relapse is another battle drug and alcohol addicts face. Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab Centers, supply recovery tools and programs for support to prevent relapse of patients. (877) 804-1531

Every drug addict and their family need to come to grips with the fact that relapses occur. A relapse is a return to substance abuse behavior after the condition has been brought under control. Due to the limited number of 24 hour rehab facilities in Lexington, Kentucky, intercepting a relapse before it spirals into a full-blown return to the addictive behavior is a grievous problem facing recovering addicts.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, (NIH) Relapses can occur during or after treatment. In fact, rehabilitation programs treat patients with the assumption that a relapse is almost inevitable. In Kentucky, the rate of relapse is approximately 4.9 per 100,000.

Fortunately there are three important steps that a recovering addict may take to help minimize the possibility of a relapse.

    1. Know the Signs

Recognizing that a relapse is part of the rehabilitation process and knowing the signs of a relapse may help the addict to be aware of the beginning stages. Warning signs of a release may be emotional, mental or physical. Emotional signs include feelings of anxiety, intolerance and an increasing need for isolation. Daydreaming about old haunts and friendships that led to the substance abuse or thinking about how good it feels to be high are mental signals. Actually visiting places where drugs are accessible is a physical lapse.

    1. Increase Self-Care

Find ways to self-nurture or improve your self-care practices. Relapses are more likely to occur when you are feeling low. Self-care involves indulging in habits to improve health and wellbeing such as healthy eating, exercise and getting adequate sleep. Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers Lexington KY, teach addicts behaviors that are likely to improve recovery and help prevent relapse. For example, doing yoga, or taking up art as a way of expressing feelings and enhancing relaxation.

    1. Seek Help

If you have been in a rehab program, contact your sponsors immediately. When pressures and triggers arise, contact Addiction Therapy Lexington. Addiction specialists can point you to a counselor, support group, or therapist that can help you avoid a relapse. If returning to a treatment program feels like too much to handle, remember, relapse is a part of the recovery process. It may be that the drug abuse or alcoholism rehabilitation plan needs to be adjusted.

If you have already relapsed or are concerned about a relapse; the good news is that there are trained professionals who are able to help you get back on track. Call today to speak with an addiction specialist about drug abuse or drug relapse prevention. (877) 804-1531

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